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The Separation Survival Guide

7 lifesaving techniques to overcome the pain of separation & regain hope:

Learn how to...
•    Identify your emotions like a boss
•    Discover the power of vulnerability
•    Switch perspective on alcohol/drugs
•    Reshape your identity
•    Stop blaming your ex
•    The simplest technique to inner peace
•    How to feel love anytime, anywhere 


Applying these techniques in your life will help you regain sense of self, take control of your destiny and live with a renewed sense of hope.

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When I was going through separation I was struggling. I suffered emotional pain, blamed my ex and wasn't sure who I was anymore.

Most separated men report these same three reasons for their pain:

An emotional rollercoaster (8).png

Being unaware of your emotions is like driving 100kph blindfolded.


When emotions are going unidentified and unchecked we're not in control and bound to have an accident. Emotions are guides. They need acknowledging, identifying and dealing with. 

The emotional rollercoaster can be stopped.

Wanna know how?

An emotional rollercoaster (9).png

It's easy to direct anger, fear and confusion towards the partner that initiated the break up. 


Blaming your ex for the separation, for your emotions and your life, makes you fall into a victim mentality. A victim is someone who takes no responsibility for their lives. 

Are you a victim?

An emotional rollercoaster (10).png

Separation means losing more than just your partner. It's also means losing access to kids, changing homes and effecting your work.

This leads to a loss of our identities such as a family man, husband, father and provider. When these identities are stripped back, most separating men are left with a void.

Do you feel the same?

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