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20 helpful lessons I've learned from my separation:

It's been 2.5 years since my separation.

Here are the lessons I've learned 👇

1. The biggest difference between success & failure is support.

2. The second biggest difference between success & failure is taking responsibility.

3. All people are doing what they think is best at the time, even if it doesn't appear so.

4. Blaming myself and others is the easiest way to get stuck.

5. It's impossible to grow while still in denial.

6. The only thing I can change is myself.

7. The only thing that's guaranteed about a 10-year plan, is that it will change.

8. The first step for change is awareness.

9. Everyone has opinions and that's ok.

10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish.

11. Hate breads hate. Love dissolves hate.

12. If you can't grow, you're done.

13. Enjoying time with yourself is a skill. Practice it.

14. Being vulnerable is hard, courageous and masculine.

15. Divorce is an opportunity for a "do-over".

16. Separation is an emotional challenge.

17. Money is nothing without freedom.

18. Don't say yes to everything.

19. Integrity is important.

20. My thoughts are only my perception.

While going through a separation is a miserable time, here's a reminder:

Not everyone gets a second chance.

What did you learn from your separation?

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