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Considering a settlement before court?

60%-40%? 70%-30%? 50%-50%?

Here are the questions to ask yourself: 👇

1. Will this help me to sleep better?

2. Will this reduce my anxiety?

3. Will this reduce my kids anxiety?

4. Will this allow me to see my kids quicker/more frequently?

5. Will this support creating a healthier future for me?

6. Will this encourage a cooperative co-parenting relationship?

A cooperative co-parenting relationship will make your life a LOT easier. Think about it this way: do you really want to fight every single time you pick up the kids?

7. Will this help me attracting the future relationship I want?

Guess what, your amicable separation has social currency when it comes to dating the right person.

Now, think what will happen if the stuff above gets worse?

Is it worth it?

There are many reasons to settle early.

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