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During separation it’s easy to think you’ll get what you want by more aggression.

Get upset, use threats, send another letter. This rarely works.

Do you want to get what you want? Here’s a a new way 👇

I call this becoming an empathic negotiator.

When you use force, the other person resists, pulls back, and using more force as a restrain.

When you use more empathy, you’re opening an easy way for the other person to get closer, understand and open.

This is the condition you want to be in.

This has a much better chance to succeed.

This will mean you have a better chance to get what you want.

Here’s one way to become a master empathic negotiator:

Talk about your feelings.

When you talk about your feelings it’s easier for the other person to feel what you feel.

Therefore, they’re more likely to empathise and become more lenient and accommodating to your needs.

Want to know how to do this using your masculine energy?

Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can guide you through separation:

Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men
Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men

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