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Going through separation? Being unaware of your emotions is like driving 100kph blindfolded.

Many men would rather do that then talking about their emotions.

Here's how to talk about emotions in a masculine way. 👇

Everyone has emotions.

Men are kept out of theirs.

We are bred out of them with stuff like:

"Emotions are for girls".

And "vulnerability is a weakness".

The truth is it's the opposite:

Not identifying your emotions ,makes you LOSE control.

Not managing your emotions makes you WEAK.

Avoiding vulnerability means you're SCARED of other peoples judgment.

Healthy men identify, control, and take responsibility for their emotions.

They are the BOSS.

They are STRONG.


Are you that man?

Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can guide you through separation:

1. Download the Separation survival guide:

Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men
Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men

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