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Going through separation? If you spend your time sitting on the couch. drinking. smoking. Read this:

I know what's it like:

- You don't get to see your kids.

- You were let go, dismissed, dumped.

- After all these years of doing what's right.

- You lost family and friends

- You lost your home

- Can't concentrate at work.

- Sleeping in a small apartment or a friends place.




I'm here to hold space for you.

The man you are inside.

Not "The husband".

Not "the provider"

Not "The dad"

Who are you really?

You are a person.

You are kind.

You are funny.

You are caring.

It's time to find that man.

To let that guy shine again.

When you do, everyone will win.


Your kids.

Your future partner.

Is it time to find yourself?

Is it time to learn, grow and thrive?

Take the first step and find out.

Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can guide you through separation:

1. Download the Separation survival guide:

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