Going through separation? Which ‘stage of change’ are you at?

Are you going through separation? By understanding which ‘stage of change’ you're at, you can determine the most fitting strategies for moving forward.

Here are the stages:

Pre-contemplation – You have no intention to change your behaviour. You're unaware of your problem although your mates can see you're struggling to cope with the separation.

Contemplation - You are aware of the problem and thinking of possible solutions but resist making a commitment to act. You find it hard to assess the effort, energy, and loss it will cost you to overcome separation.

Preparation - You are contemplating acting in the future and can see small positive changes. Although these baby steps are great, you haven't yet accomplished effective headway.

Action - You change your behaviour, experiences, and your environment to overcome separation. You are putting significant time and effort and manage to live in a healthy way for up to 6 months.

Maintenance - You constantly work to avoid falling back to unhealthy behaviour. This stage extends from 6 months forward. Being successful in avoiding the unhealthy behaviour for more than 6 months is a proof of being in the maintenance stage.

Relapse - You go back to the original unhealthy behaviour.

Which stage are you at?


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