Here are three reasons why "separation short term thinking" is killing you 👇

1. Lawyer fees are expensive.

Think $550 per hour expensive.

Every single email, every single minute, every single phone call is billable.

Separation can take 2-5 years to complete.

You do the math.

2. A long legal battle is unhealthy.

Your mental, emotional and physical health are in real danger.

3-4 men are killing themselves each day because of separation related issues.

Their kids will grow up without a dad.

Don't be one of them.

3. Short term thinking means you only think about revenge.

Statistics tell us nobody wins in a long dispute.

Even if you do win, you really lose.

You lose your money, your health, your connection with your kids.

You will lose every time you get upset, triggered or angry about your ex.

There’s an easier, cheaper and healthier way!

Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can guide you through separation:

1. Download the Separation survival guide:

2. Book a FREE 15min call:

Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men
Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men

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