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Here's what I do differently in my current relationship:

In my last relationship, I never talked about my feelings.

I never expressed my wants and needs.

Here's what I do differently in my current relationship: 👇

Talk about how I feel, while taking responsibility for my emotions.

Talk about how what she says/does affects me, while not blaming her.

Talk about what I find sexy., so she knows what I like.

Talk about what I want, so she knows what I'd like to do.

Talk about what I want, but feel shame around. Calling out my shame.

Talk about how safe I feel to be vulnerable. Which is important for my growth.

Are you talking about these with your current partner?

My current relationship allows me to:

1. Communicate clearly - even when it's scary or uncomfortable.

2. Take responsibility and own my emotions, thoughts and actions.

3. Enjoy a safe space where we feel strength in vulnerability.

What is your current relationship allowing for?

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