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How do you want your co-parenting to look like?

Having a good relationship with my co-parent is so valuable.

It affects my quality of life in so many ways.

Here's what's so good about it:

1. We can change the schedule without anyone getting emotional.

2. We can be upfront about triggering each other.

3. We are able to make decisions that put our daughter first.

4. We are able to sit down for a coffee to talk "admin", talk about our feelings and celebrate our accomplishments.

5. We can be open about our new partners.

6. We can take a vacation.

7. We can be generous, kind and grateful.

We can do all that because we know what can happen when we're fighting.

We cherish this situation because we almost lost it.

How do you want your co-parenting to look like?

Make your own list.

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