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If life is like driving a car, separation is like an accident.

And a divorce coach is the seat belt.

Are you separating without a seat belt? 👇

Seat belts reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury by 50 per cent.

A seat belt is insurance.

You wear it to minimise the damage.

In case you have an accident, the damage will be significantly reduced.

During separation there's a feeling that a seat belt is a luxury.

It's not.

During separation there's a feeling that investing in your health is not the priority.

It is.

Like a seat belt, an emotional divorce coach can significantly reduce the risk of serious damage to your health.

I can also help you get more clarity and dramatically increase your chances of having a healthy future romantic relationship.

You won't drive without a seat belt right?

Why divorce without one?

Whenever you're ready, here are two ways I can guide you through separation:

Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men
Divorce Cowboy, Separation coach for men

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