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Keeping my boundaries with my ex

Last night, my co-parent asked me to share Netflix accounts.

We don't live in the same house for the last two years, and the last thing I want to do is to share a service provider with her.

During our separation we shared a bed, a vacuum cleaner and friends. Now, I'm very aware of how this makes me feel.

Why is this so important?

Because I want to keep my own sovereignty.

Keeping a sense of self was challenging for me during our relationship.

At some point I've lost my "rule making" ability and relinquished control to her.

She made the rules. I obeyed.

This is not to blame here. She only took what I was letting her take.

Now, I'm king again. I make the rules for me and very careful not to let her, my current partner or anyone else make the rules for me.

Are you still sharing things with your ex? Did you ever feel like she was making the rules? Do you want to change?

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