Low self-esteem after separation got me begging for love. Be aware of this.

Separation is so tough on the ego. When my partner of 10 years told me they don't want to be together anymore, my poor ego was devastated. My self-esteem was so low, I was begging for love. Someone, anyone, please love me!

This came in the form of lots of dates, alcohol and yearning for physical touch. I was looking for validation, affection, and confirmation. There's nothing completely wrong about it, it's the awareness that counts.

Being a needy love bunny doesn't help me. It's lowering my standards, it's wasting my time and it's preventing me from the relationship I deserve. It's so good to be aware of it.

If I can't love myself, why would anyone else love me? Why do I feel the need to be loved by someone else? What's the intention behind my partner seeking? What's my intention for this specific right swipe on tinder? Being aware helps me to regulate this behaviour, if I choose to.

When do you feel like a needy love bunny?

PS. I wrote a tinder dating guide for the newly separated man. Comment or DM if you want a free copy.


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