My dirty little separation secret...

I didn't tell my parents about my separation for two years.

I kept it hidden from my friends.

It was my dirty secret...

My shame.

One of the most prominent emotions I had while separating was shame.

I was ashamed of my situation. I was ashamed of what I've done and of what I've become.

I felt shame that my family was now broken, I felt shame that I chose the wrong person.

I felt like I failed in life.

This is not true.

30% of marriages end in divorce, so separation is normal.

hmm...I was just normal after all.

Not the prefect partner.

Not the perfect guy.

Not the perfect anything.

I was me.

I needed to be ok with being just that. Me.

Shame goes out quickly when I release.

When I communicate.

When I forgive myself.

Can you do that?

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