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Separation is an emotional challenge...

When I separated I didn't go to court. I didn't get a lawyer.

BUT... I did look for emotional support.

Here's why you should too...👇

Divorce is an emotional challenge.

When you're negotiating the future of your life, you want to be in the best emotional state.

There's so much to gain by having emotional support:

- More nights sleeping tight - Emotional support means you experience less emotional distress so you can think clearly.

- More money in your pocket - Emotional support, mediation and collaborative approach to divorce can save you thousands. Being emotionally balanced can save you thousands on layers fees. You'll be able to take a nice holiday after settlement!

- More time to enjoy your future - Having emotional support will result in a quicker resolution. You'll be able to move forward faster, enjoying life again.

If you need to talk, I'm here. Shoot me an email.

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