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Separation starts the moment I separate from myself

My separation started the moment I separated from myself.

There was a moment when I let go of myself and tried to become someone else. A moment when I acted to please my ex, putting her happiness first, making myself responsible for her feelings.

When I didn’t put boundaries and didn’t communicate my wants and needs.

There was a moment when I ignored what I like doing, pushed it aside to work more, or spend time with her.

There was a moment I forgot my friends and family because she was all I needed. A moment when sex was too hard, and I was too tired.

There was a moment when I acted based on my habits, childhood wounds and society's expectations. A moment I flew on auto pilot, blindfolded without any awareness to my thoughts, emotions, and actions.

This was the moment I separated from myself. I now know that I can’t be in a relationship with anyone unless I have a relationship with myself.

If you see yourself in these words, you already made the first step towards healing and growing. Want to know more? Check out my profile.

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