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The Hyper Vigilance Rollercoaster

Separation put me in an emotional overload. Not only I wasn’t able to deal with my emotions, I wasn't even aware of them. Welcome to the phenomenon called: The Hyper Vigilance Rollercoaster.

The Hyper Vigilance Rollercoaster explains how in situations where we are flooded with amotions, we can't function like we normally do. This is sometimes called "fight or flight" or acting from our Lizard brain.

In this situation most of us will be required to function even more than usual and make crucial decisions around our future and our kids future. Do you think most people can choose a positive, healthy, and considerate action from this exaggerated emotional state?

Absolutely not. Yet, most people that are getting a divorce or separating will do just that. So, what can you do?

1. Be aware of this. Start being mindful to your emotional situation. Are you operating from your optimal state or not?

2. Pause actions until you're in your optimal state.

3. Talk with a professional like a coach or a counsellor.

PS. I'm also offering a free healthy separation template that will give you three-month grace period to sort out your emotional rollercoaster BEFORE making crucial decisions. DM me for details.

With love,


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