The Separation Survival Journey - Day 2

Telling my parents about my separation was hard. I felt such shame. 👇

But it was so good to get their support. Telling mates helped to release my thoughts, and getting professional support was the difference between surviving or not.

I see vulnerability as courage.


Well, it’s much easier to avoid your shit, than to meet your shit head on.

Men who share, who are not afraid to show "weakness" are more courageous than men who are scared.

I was made to feel uncomfortable being or looking vulnerable.

After countless times I've heard: "be a man", "don't be a girl" and "don't cry", I've learned to associate vulnerability with weakness.

This is bullshit.

Sharing my story helped me to connect with myself and with others on a deeper level.

I now know that vulnerability is strength.

Going through separation? Try this 7 day journey yourself!

It's a simple and affordable way to sleep better, get clarity and move forward:

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