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Your healthy separation awaits...

Close your eyes, take a breath, and imagine for one minute...

What would your life look like, if your separation was:

Amicable, pleasant, relaxed, courteous, civil, cheap, respectful, mindful, kid friendly, organic, considerate, human, kind, easy, simple, quick and healthy?

Sound too good to be true?

How about picking one?

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Here’s my separation story 👉 With commentary.

One day my partner told me she "doesn't feel it anymore". 👉 I had no self-awareness, flying blind through life's routine. I was living in denial for two years thinking she'll change her mind. 👉 Fear

These 5 resources helped me to overcome my separation:

✅ Rebuilding when your relationship ends - Bruce Fisher ✅ No more Mr. nice guy - Robert A. Glover ✅ Dating essentials for men - Robert A. Glover ✅ Men from mars women from Venus - John Gray ✅ My own j


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