I've been there before and I know what it's like... 

The emotional pain, the need to escape, the long sleepless nights, the blame, guilt and shame, the anger and fear. 

I will listen to what you're going through right now. Then, I will guide you towards specific tools, techniques and resources, help reframe your perception and show you how strong you really are. I believe you already have the answers you just need a little help finding them within yourself!


Here's what you're going to gain by talking to someone who gets it:

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Separation and its drama often cause a sense of confusion, uncertainty and complexity. In these sessions we can simplify, organise, and make thigs clearer. 


Getting thoughts, feelings, and actions clear and understood will help you to sleep better, communicate more clearly and recover quicker from arguments and drama. 

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It is easy to get lost in your own head during the emotional roller-coaster of separation. Having an independent advisor, can provide you with another perspective on things, can be the difference between needless suffering to peacefully existing. 


Offering you another perspective will support better mood, healthier lifestyle choices and less time spent in your own head

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Many times during the separation process, I lost direction and felt aimlessly floating through life, hoping for the best. I didn't have next steps or a plan in place.


Having a defined path through the pain of separation helps you become stronger, more confident and grounded man. It also means that you'll see positive results with your kids, your work and your future romantic relationships.