Are you ok? Talk to me. It's free.

"Are you ok?" should be asked every week. When separating it should be asked every day. If you're going through separation right now, I invite you to talk with me today. No charge. Just connect and message me. You will be offered: 1. A safe space to share what's happening in your life, your thoughts and feelings 2. Tools and techniques to support you 3. A road map to overcome separation and live your truth Put yourself first and talk - this can be on the phone or zoom. #coaching #mindfulness #mentalhealth #personaldevelopment #success #motivation

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We all know there's a big problem out there. Men are not handling separation very well. Off course we don't! Separation is an emotional challenge and we were never taught any emotional tools! As you h

Separation is full of drama: The egos, the blame game, the shouting, the fights. 👇 Drama is a toxic habit which only bring more misery as it continues to be played out. Drama tends to get crazy, blow