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The Separation Survival Journey - Day 1

My separation flooded me with emotions.

Overwhelmed by fear, anger, sadness, shame, and guilt, I've tried to numb them down with scotch and smokes. This didn't help. 👇

Buried emotions are a time bomb.

Therefore, being aware of your own feelings is a top priority during separation.

Learning to identify your emotions is the first step to overcoming separation's emotional rollercoaster.

If your emotions are in control of you, it stops now.

You're going to learn how to treat emotions like guides. Their job is to make you aware of something.

Your job is to assess the emotions by "checking-in" with yourself.

What are you feeling?

Call the emotions out loud or write them below in the comments.

Going through separation? Try this 7 day journey yourself!

It's a simple and affordable way to sleep better, get clarity and move forward:

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