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Dating after separation: Dating apps

Dating after separation: Which app to go for? What's the difference between tinder and hinge? Which one should you start with? Here's a breakdown:

Tinder: Pretty much the biggest and the most well known, tinder is now mainstream. No longer just for millennials, it is now a platform serving 18-60 something-year-olds. It is easy and quick. Swipe left to discard or right to approve. If you both match (approve each other) you can then chat. You don’t need to pay to play. Tinder will be free for you to look at your matches. If you pay you will be able to unlock all the people that are interested in you. I paid for tinder once and rather not pay again. I’m only really interested in women that I swiped right on. This is also a reason not to swipe right on every single profile.

Bumble: Same as tinder but women go first. This means that if you match, ladies have 24 hours to contact you. You can’t contact them. Many will not contact you even if you've matched. That's because after the initial 24-hour window, the match "expires". So don't take it personally.

Hinge: A newcomer. Tinder with a twist. The profile has some quirks that add personality, so there's more to chat about. It feels more civilised than tinder.

Feeld: The app for the pros. This is the app for anything kink, BDSM, Threesomes and couple swiping. Can be slow and pretty hardcore. My tip is to go on this one only after you’ve mastered tinder or if you have some experience with the above activities.

You can also go on all four. Or two. There are no rules. Just experiment.

Want to know more? Say hello.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you!

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