Dating apps guide for the newly single man

Newly single? Dating apps are your new best friend.

Here's a quick review of the four most popular dating apps.


The most popular dating app is now mainstream.

No longer just for millennials, it is now a platform serving 18-60 something-year-olds.

It is easy and quick. Swipe left to discard or right to approve. If you both match you can then chat.

This can get quite addictive as dopamine is released to your brain every time you match.

TIP: You don’t need to pay to play. Tinder will be free for you to look at your matches. If you pay you will be able to unlock all the people that are interested in you.

I paid for tinder once and rather not pay again as I’m only interested in women that I swiped right on.


Same as tinder but women go first. This means that if you match, ladies have 24 hours to contact you. You can’t contact them.

Many women will not contact you even after you've matched. That's because after the initial 24-hour window, the match "expires".

TIP: Don't take it personally. Many matches will never contact you. Sometime they will unmatch you very quickly or stop answering all together. That's ok. This doesn't say anything about you. It's a game of numbers and timing so don't take things personally.


A newcomer with a twist. Hinge makes it easier to strike a conversation with conversation starters. It feels more civilised than tinder.

TIP: Instead of just liking a photo, like something they've said and write something about it. This will improve your chances of matching and will make sure the conversation flows.


The app for the "pros". This is the app for anything kink, BDSM, Threesomes and couple swapping. Can be slow and pretty hardcore.

TIP: Start strong and flirty.

I've found that the small talk is a turn off when it comes to feeld.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick review of dating apps.

What are your dating app tips?

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