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Dealing with sadness...

My separation was full of sadness, and I hated it.

It was there, just living in my stomach, weighing me down and killing me softly.

So, I decided to kill it...

Roll it up in a rug and burry it deep down so I won't feel it anymore. But... emotions that are buried become zombies. They'll come back up, haunt you and make a big mess.

Here's how I learnt to deal with sadness instead:

Step #1 - To accept and welcome

I'm taking a big breath and welcoming my sadness. I slow down enough to appreciate it. I welcome it. I call it a name (mine is called Betty). What name do you call your sadness?

Step #2 - To sit with it

I imagine having tea with my sadness (Betty). What will she say? What will I answer? We cry together. We listen to some sad music, then cry some more. I remind myself that my sadness is a guest and will stay for as long as I want it to stay. I go to bed hoping it will be gone in the morning.

Step #3 - To farewell creatively

When I feel it's time to end sadness visit, I'm saying goodbye as I do to an old friend. I also let my sadness go creatively. I write about it in my journal, draw a picture of it or sing about it. Bye bye Betty.

PS. If you find it difficult to get off the emotional rollercoaster, let's work on it.

DM me for details. 👈

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