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How to stop blaming your ex and start living:

It was so easy for me to step right into victim mode: "SHE did this", "SHE broke our family", "SHE made my life a living hell!"

"It’s true! I’m the good guy!"

If you’re nodding right now, consider this:

How does it feel to be a victim?

Yes, being in victim mode, is providing pity, sympathy and temporary release of anger. But it doesn’t help me move on!

Does blaming her feel powerful?

A victim is powerless.

Do I want to be powerless?

No I don't.

If I keep going, I will find myself in 20 years still blaming my ex for my shit life and my future relationships will suffer.

How? Well, guess who wants to date a man that is a victim.

That’s right, another villain!

Victims are powerless, direction less and don't take responsibility for their own lives.

So, how can I move on?

Here's how:

1. Be aware of victim thoughts. Anytime I blame my ex for the separation. The more energy I spend on my ex, the less energy I invest in myself.

2. Taking responsibility. Saying: "I take 50% responsibility for my separation". It's important I take half the responsibility. Why? Because I was there, as half of the relationship.

3. Asking myself: “What do I want?”. By changing my energy inwards and making a decision I'm in control of my future.

Are you a victim?

When you release the victim, you become the creator of your life.

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