Separation is a long process.

Exactly how long and how painful it will be is up to you. Getting support can make a huge difference to your health, your kids health, and your financial health.

Here’s my Seven Session Program to develop emotional resilience, grow inner strength, and find your truth:

1. Awareness - Identify and deal with your emotions to awaken your awareness.

2. Responsibility - Stop the blame and step out of victim thoughts to activate your creator.

3. Growth - Increase awareness to your actions by stepping into your integrity and accountability to gain self-worth.

4. Grief - Release grief to honour the past. Ground yourself to prepare for the future.

5. Truth - Map your values, future and align your energies to gain balance.

6. Acceptance - Learn to forgive and practice gratitude to gain positive mindset going forward.

7. Freedom - Welcome your masculinity, start dating confidently and live your best life.

How are you dealing with your separation? If you’re struggling, there’s a better way - Let's chat.

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