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The divorce cowboy podcast

If you're going through separation, you're not alone.

Millions of men are going through it with you.

Hearing other men who "been there, done that" can help 👇

I was consulted, comforted and made more confident by men's words and stories.

I know it can support you too.

This is what the Divorce Cowboy Podcast is all about.

The last episode was just listened to more than 100 times.

If you're going through separation right now, there's some gold there.

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Here’s my separation story 👉 With commentary.

One day my partner told me she "doesn't feel it anymore". 👉 I had no self-awareness, flying blind through life's routine. I was living in denial for two years thinking she'll change her mind. 👉 Fear

These 5 resources helped me to overcome my separation:

✅ Rebuilding when your relationship ends - Bruce Fisher ✅ No more Mr. nice guy - Robert A. Glover ✅ Dating essentials for men - Robert A. Glover ✅ Men from mars women from Venus - John Gray ✅ My own j


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