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The Separation Survival Journey - Day 3

During the early days of my separation, I went into a spiral.

I was drinking and smoking as if I wanted to die. 👇

While this is understandable, I reached a point where I noticed my actions are controlling me.

This felt powerless, weak, and empty.

I was looking for a way to be more aware of my actions and gain back control.

An awareness to your actions is paramount for your survival so here's the rule: Every single action you take during separation can be something you do to Escape or to Cope.

Imagine you have two buckets:

One is labelled "Escape" and the other is labelled "Cope".

Write the actions you took today.

After each action, write what bucket this action fits in: Escape or Cope.

Going through separation? Try this 7 day journey yourself!

It's a simple and affordable way to sleep better, get clarity and move forward:

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