There is one secret reason for all divorces…

One that most men are completely ignorant about.

Want to know what it is? Keep reading…👇

The real reason isn't because someone cheated, financial stress or falling out of love.

The number one reason for divorce is: Lack of Personal Growth.


Hear me out:

What doesn’t grow, dies.

People, animals, trees, if it’s a living thing, it must grow or perish.

Same goes with relationships.

If the relationship doesn’t grow, it’s because the people in the relationship stopped growing.

Think about your relationship:

Were you growing as a person? Did you try new hobbies, learned new skills, started, and failed in new endeavours? Did you go on adventures, saw new things, listened to new music, and talked to new people? Did you try new things in your sex life?


Were you stuck in routine? Did you stay home every night watching Netflix on the couch? Did you talk only with your group of long-term friends or family? Did you feel a little stuck or unsatisfied? Were you thinking about sex but not having any?

Be honest with yourself here. There’s no point pretending. I was in the second group for years.

Here’s what I believe now:

Relationships die because the people in them stopped growing.

What do you believe is the reason? Is there only one reason?

Drop it in the comments 👇

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