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Your divorce or separation can be the best gift you've ever recieved

My separation was a wakeup call. The most painful wakeup call I ever had. It felt like being kicked in the nuts, again and again. It was asking me: "Can you feel that? No? OK… how about now?"

I felt de-maculated, humiliated, and beaten. As I wished the pain to stop, I had a choice to make: Let my pain destroy me or use the pain to grow.

This is how my growth journey started. I remember the first line I wrote in my new bought journal: "I will use my pain to grow".

Since then, I'm still doing just that.

Separation brought me the most beautiful gift: Myself.

I'm back to me, to my awareness, truth, and self-love.

The gift of separation thought me this: The bigger the pain the bigger the lesson. By accepting this, I didn't only heal myself but my relationship with my kid and my ex.

You can do it too.

PS. If you can't imagine your separation as a gift, let's chat. This may be the chat that transforms your life.

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